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History of Ackerman Farms...

The Farm House

The elegant two-story home was built by John H. Ackerman in 1911. It's nestled on the family's 160 acre farm of rich, mid-western soil
and has been "home" to six generations of Ackerman's.

The five-bedroom home has undergone extensive renovations by family residents, John & Yvette Ackerman, son and daughter-in-law
of Clyde H. "Papa" Ackerman (deceased) . The home
encompasses a comfortable, airy living room, on the ground level (formally the
parlor where "Papa" was born in 1914), inviting a sunny view of the south and eastern yards and the brilliant mum garden. Wide,
double doors to the west open into the office/music room, shaded by the pine and maple trees of the south and western yards.

Offering a view of the western fields, the spacious dining room is rich and warm with history (and Yvette's generous southern cuisine),
and is centered by a 16' table where family and friends gather often for feast and fun.

Something hearty is always cooking or canning in the 'heart' of theAckerman home. The family's busy, welcoming kitchen is flanked
by a large walk-in pantry on the west, a charming bath on the northeast corner, and mud room accessing the northern fields. The
kitchen's generous windows offer an eastern view off the wide veranda, where summer birthday parties and quiet evenings are also
shared by family and friends (and any number of furry felines).

Entering from the east porch, the foyer transports you to an earlier era, when the house was newly built, revealing rich wood and the
original, marvelously crafted banister, leading to the family's second floor bedrooms. From the south porch, wicker and porch swings
complete the comfortably homey scene, presenting a view of the bordering southern fields beyond.

The Family

The Fields

Since 1909, Ackerman Farms has been growing and changing to meet the growing needs of family, community, and the world at large.
From producing corn, and raising cattle and hogs in the '30s and '40s, to supplying Morton's Libby plant with pumpkins since the late '80's.

In the '50s, pure bred Yorkshire hogs were added to the farm's operation, which won Clyde Ackerman international acclaim as a breeder.
And for his pen of barrows, at Chicago's 1957 Live Stock Exposition, he was awarded further international recognition.

By the '70's, the Ackerman farming team, "Papa" (Clyde) and son, John, expanded the farming operation to include livestock, acquiring a
cow/calf herd and feedlot cattle.

Today, since "Papa's" passing, and John and Yvette, along with their children, continue the Ackerman's venerable tradition of growth and
expansion, offering not only corn, soybeans, and canning pumpkins, but also a variety of specialty crops which include an immense stock
of beautiful, "hardy" mums, ornamental pumpkins, corn, apples, and gourds in an array of sizes and colors. Everything to make your
harvest-time home and table memorable each year. Come on out and visit us today!





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